Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 December 2013 But he has a great personality

Cassi Creek:  I began this journal, blog, or call it what you will in 2009.  At that point in time I was returning to school in order to audit classes.  Among other things that surfaced was the seeming difference in the behavior of students in my undergraduate years compared to today’s undergraduates. 
          We took copious notes during lectures.  Today, the students expect to have power point slide shows prepared for them to view when they aren’t playing online games, or  engaged in some other on-line activity.  We were adept at the use of a card catalog for research purposes.  Today, search engines replace those long silent drawers of cards. 
          We assumed that everything in the textbooks, everything in the lectures, and all lab procedures and results were likely to be on an exam.  Asking” will this be on the exam?” would have been ignored by even the newest TA. 
          To this date, I’ve not missed a day in adding some bit or piece of trivia, opinion, or other useless verbiage to these files.  I do it partly as a means to assess how my response to medication is progressing.  Based on the tremors present today, I’m having sort of a less effective day. 
          The news yesterday was encouraging, there may be less deficit present than I expected to find.  I may be encountering normal aging along with Parkinson’s.  The least encouraging results yesterday put my frontal lobe performance at the overall mean.  Not where I’d choose to be if I had the option, but I don’t, and it could be much worse. 

          As for the personality assessment, I have no idea what that will indicate.  I’m not suicidal, an alcoholic, likely to start physical encounters for thrills.  I seemed to fall outside the target population the survey seemed designed to identify.  I’ll get a copy of all this since my last neuro visit the next time I go to VA.  Until then…

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