Monday, December 23, 2013

23 December 2013 No rainbows here

Cassi Creek:  This morning dawned cold, damp, and gray.  Obviously, there was a sunrise.  I however did not see it.  I took Loki out, grabbed the newspaper, and was back inside before the sun crested the eastern valley wall.  I haven’t seen the sun since last week.  Fortunately, the forecast winds blew elsewhere.  We had to deal with them Saturday night driving into and home from Jonesborough.  I’d estimate the gusts at 35 MPH over steady winds of 15-20 MPH.  They were predicted to reach gusts of 50 MPH and continue into yesterday morning.  That may have been the cause of our power outage yesterday AM.  We seem to have avoided any wind damage. 
          Today’s hike with Mike was more of slog with the dog.  The rain returned when we were about 300 meters down valley.  It continued, a cold mist, interspersed with larger drops, covering my sunglasses with droplets and smears.  The rain has been almost a constant since sometime Sunday morning.  As of this morning, we’ve logged 2.75 inches.   This was a put your head down and push through it sort of road march that reminds me of basic training and other excursions.  The roar of the creek made it hard to here either on-coming traffic or Mike.  The people driving this road seem to have never been taught that drivers should slow down on wet roads. 
          Today, we’ve a lot of chores lined up.  Dinner will probably consist of soup and salad.  We had a Massaman Thai curry with shrimp for dinner last night.  I may make chili tomorrow. 


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