Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 December 2013 still more cold rain and snow

Cassi Creek:  The rain and mist continue.  The creek is high and loud but not muddy.  That is something to be happy about.  Just now, 1045, large flakes of snow are falling along with the rain.  The NWS was correct in their hazardous weather statement. 
          I’m hoping for a dry period when I can check the lamps in the well filter shack.  I also need a two-three degree temperature drop to activate the thermostatic switch that controls them.
          Normally I don’t worry about it being overcast but the long duration of this series of fronts in combination with the weather related pain that they have caused, are becoming annoying.  I take my pain meds, and try to time tasks and activities to apparent peak levels of the various meds.  For instance, I want to minimize the effects of my tremor when I am cooking or prepping for meals.  I need to be certain of every knife stroke and every pan movement.  I work more slowly now than I have been accustomed to working.  Better to be an intact home cook than to be missing bits and pieces because I was trying to work with my former speed.  I’ve been lucky over the years and all my digits are intact.
          Intact, however, does not include prior grip strength and dexterity.  Those were measured during the neuro-psych exam and reported as decreased.  That is hardly surprising, as those parameters have been markedly decreased since 1998.  At least, I’m consistent.
          It is easy to watch the creek race by as the knotweed in the pit is mostly broken down for the season.  It is amazing how much water flows by us and at what velocity.  The noise of passage is loud enough that even I can hear it rush by and move the larger rocks along the creek bed.

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