Sunday, December 29, 2013

29 December 2013 Season of discontent

Cassi Creek:  The winter solstice is behind us and winter is officially upon the land.  We’ve enjoyed the 2nd wettest December on record.  The aquifers should be filling up as we receive still more rain.  This is quite important for people with wells for water. 
          Now we need to find some means to stop the use of Fracking.  There are far too many reports of family wells and municipal wells become polluted with waste fluids pumped into hydrocarbon bearing rock formation.  The sight of flames emanating from a garden hose or kitchen faucet should be sufficient to convince anyone that the process is neither safe nor well designed and controlled. 
          While fracking continues under full governmental neglect, so too does mountain top removal mining.  The topography is being changed at a furious rate.  While the practice continue to expand, it actually requires fewer employees than underground mining to produce the same amount of coal. 
          We have every reason to protest this destruction of the environment.  Formerly, we referred to “the winter of our discontent.”  Now, we have cause to voice our discontent in all season.


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