Sunday, December 8, 2013

8 December 2013 Tiny bubbles

Cassi Creek:  We are fortunately and well positioned beneath the southern edge of the winter storm system that left Texas for the Mid-Atlantic and North East.
          Expanding the radar image shows us to be much too close to the bands of freezing precipitation that are likely to cause heavy ice damage.
          I don’t pretend to understand the fluid mechanics that drive our oceans and our atmosphere.  I can take small bites of it from time to time and seemingly fit them into the various maps and projections. 
          In today’s small bit of probably misinformation, it seems that the various high and low pressure centers of rotation and frontal formations are sort of like bubbles that migrate along the jet streams, spinning off smaller bubbles that directly affect localities.  Some bubbles bring good, some bad weather. 
          There is no correlation between fluid mechanics and Don Ho’s song

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