Friday, December 13, 2013

13 December 2013 The universe has certainties but you won’t like them

Cassi Creek:  The link below leads to a compilation of things learned by repeated observations yielding replicable data.  Thanks to Dr. Ed Uthman for initiating the process, and to the other contributors who both supported Ed’s conclusions and recorded their own.
Lenon’s laboratory triad:  Anything submitted for analysis that can be misidentified will be.  Instrumentation breakdowns occur most frequently on the Friday of a four day holiday weekend.   Administrators never understand that non-factory Instrument service contracts will result in longer and more frequent downtimes.
Also, note Lenon’s law of negative expectations:
  If it is good, and someone mentions it, it instantly stops; if it is bad and someone mentions it, it begins immediately.
The morning has been cold and mostly sunny.  Moved wood up to the deck to have it under cover when the forecast rains begin.  The morning hike with Mike was worthwhile exercise.  Nothing of consequence took place.  There was limited conversation but I avoided his comments about things he heard or saw on Fox News.  It was a good day to avoid his 2nd Amendment/NRA bias.
          The House has recessed and is now spending lobbyist dollars on trips and travel that they can’t afford on their actual salaries.  They won’t work anymore until sometime in January.  The Teavangelists will continue behaving like they have been, unattached to reality.  The chronic unemployed need to camp out in Congressional offices and remind the Congress that they were elected, not sanctified. 

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