Tuesday, December 24, 2013

24 December 2013 Let the rest of the world go by

Cassi Creek:  About 0630 I managed to kick a chair leg in the dark.  Result?  Broken 5th toe right foot.  Moving on with my usual grace, I then kicked another chair leg and stepped on the dog’s foot.  No further damage for me and the dog didn’t have much to say.
          By 0900, I was experiencing some pain from the broken toe.  As it was time for the hike with Mike, I layered up and headed off across the deck, which had developed a layer of sleet since sunrise.  The hike was windy, cold, and had periods of snow and snow pellets that added to the fun.  Loki dutifully made the march with me, probably assuming she would have to drag me home. 
          It’s time to buy her a winter/rain coat.  She spends most of her time indoors and is at least 11 years old now.  The neighborhood dogs may hound her about it but she needs some protection on these cold morning hikes.
          Gloria and I drove into Jonesborough and then Johnson City for some shopping that would normally take place on Wednesday.  We left at 1100, were home by 1400.  We were unable to find a local Chinese restaurant that will be open tomorrow.  How far from civilization we are!
          I’ve dragged in a couple loads of really heavy oak for the stove.  It’s burning well and I will keep it going tonight. 
          For those who partake, Merry Christmas.  For those who don’t, have a great day.

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