Friday, August 9, 2013

9 August 2013 The more things should change, the more they don’t

'Slap Hillary' Game, Created By GOP PAC, Called Violent And Disgusting By Women's Rights Advocates

Cassi Creek:  The GOP and its teavangelist wrecking crew have objected vociferously to the claims that religious fanaticism bigotry, sexism, and class warfare drive the right wing voter base.  The article linked above seems to indicate that the claims are supported by their own actions. 
          The invitation to engage in “symbolic physical violence” directed at one particular woman is easily extrapolated into the non-symbolic violence currently aimed at all women except those who follow the American Taliban’s demands. 
          Among recent threats made by the NRC we find a demand that political reporting concerning former Secretary of State Clinton be purged from television.  To enforce this goal, the GOP promises to block access to their conventions and debates in 2016. 
          Attacking first amendment concerns may seem to be an effective method of suppressing anti-GOP propaganda – Truth, as it is known elsewhere.  In fact, I hope that such a plan becomes active. 
          I can easily find thousands of reasons to vote against GOP/teavangelists without having to sit through hours of boring pseudo-debates and Conventions by Disney.   So, please GOP, keep slapping at Hillary and make sure to threaten to block me out of your political circuses.  Someone will be there with a video camera to record all the stupid, vapid, and vicious things your candidates rant about.  You can eliminate that with enough security but then your big money donors will have to pour their own drinks, serve their own meals, and clean up their own messes while the likes of Perry, Paul, Palin, and the rest of the evil clowns force the GOP beyond the Afghan Taliban.

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