Thursday, August 22, 2013

22 August 2013   Bright Star Orchestra
Cassi  Creek: 
In Billion Part harmony 

Enjoy the music of the spheres.  Come back to it later if you need it.

Now, to other matters.  Bradley Manning’s request to become a female was not the most intelligent step he could have taken.  His time as a prisoner at Leavenworth.  Military prisoners will not be sympathetic to his crime or his lifestyle preferences. 
          The news media should stop describing the use of nerve agents as “alleged.”  We’ve seen the highly sanitized video offered by the mainstream media serving the U.S. markets.  Much of the rest of the world has seen the really ugly effects of nerve agents such as Sarin.  Syria has committed war crimes using weapons of mass destruction. 
          Are the U.S. news agencies so afraid of political incorrectness that they can no longer provide a true picture of the war in Syria?  Who cares if the Assad government is offended?  They are led by and are currently loyal to a deranged mass murderer
          The Obama administration continues to make promises that the U.S. will take appropriate action.  The appropriate time was when we first located the Syrian weapons dump that contained their nerve agents.  The appropriate action would have been to authorize the removal of those warheads and delivery systems from the face of the earth.  We’ve proven ourselves to be more of a paper tiger in the Middle East than the Chinese ever accused us of being. 
          All you will ever wish to know about Sarin

Use as a weapon[
In mid-1939, the formula for the agent was passed to the chemical warfare section of the German Army Weapons Office, which ordered that it be brought into mass production for wartime use. A number of pilot plants were built, and a high-production facility was under construction (but was not finished) by the end of World War II. Estimates for total Sarin production by Nazi Germany range from 500 kg to 10 tons.[20] Though sarin, tabun and soman were incorporated into artillery shells, Germany did not use nerve agents against Allied targets.

nerve gas cluster shell.jpg
U.S. Honest John missile warhead cutaway, showing M134 Sarin bomblets (c. 1960)

Demilitarization operations at Rocky Mountain Arsenal left exactly 888 Weteye bombs intact and in storage in Colorado.  These were stored very close to the Stapleton Denver airport.  A major aviation accident might well have had extreme consequences.  It would have all depended upon the winds.

nerve gas cluster shell.jpg

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