Saturday, August 3, 2013

3 August 2013 Bringing back the robber barons

More than three-quarters of the Senate Republican caucus signed onto legislation introduced Wednesday by Sens. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Rand Paul (R-KY) that could render it virtually impossible for Congress to enact any legislation intended to improve working conditions or otherwise regulate the workplace. Had their bill been in effect during the Twentieth Century, for example, there would likely be no nationwide minimum wage, no national ban on workplace discrimination, no national labor law and no overtime in most industries.
Cassi Creek:  The stage is being set for another attempt to roll back the calendar to the 18th century.  This will, of course, include more attempts to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, and all the other social safety nets that can be eliminated by the Roberts Court.
          There is no doubt that we are now engaged in class war that can do irreparable harm to the core concept and the socio-economic reality of these once United States.  The electorate has fallen head first into the mire and muck that constitutes the GOP/teavangelist propaganda.  They are so unable to see past the canonization of Reagan that the slide to the extreme right begun by Reagan’s handlers and owners now seems to them to match the initial intention of the founders.  They overlook the Civil War’s true nature and hear only what the fundamentalists and the ultra-wealthy wish them to believe. 
          The GOP seems to be less and less in contact with the reality of the former middle class and the working poor.  Yet, that portion of the electorate must somehow come to recognize that they are being coached to vote against their own best interests.  They seem to believe that doing away with all the social safety nets will return the nation to the manufacturing giant it was at the end of WWII.  However, until corporations are held accountable for taxes they currently invade, until corporations are not allowed personhood, and until the fundamentalists of the American Taliban are ejected from the power, they currently wield, this nation will remain in grave danger of another Civil War.

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