Monday, August 12, 2013

12 August 2013 Sink holes in Florida

Cassi Creek:  The earth remains solid here.  There is evidence of man’s abuse throughout the region.  There are underground coalmines, which promise to make good on Mr. Peabody’s plan.  There are mountains nearby that have no defining shape.  They have been scraped down to bare dirt and ugliness.
          The practice of Fracking is invading the area and will undoubtedly contaminate more of our aquifer and streams. 
          But what we see happening with some regularity in Florida reminds me of “No Name City” In “Paint your Wagon” the lust for gold led the greedy to tunnel beneath the town, leaving only scarcely-placed timbers supporting the surface of the earth. Eventually, they removed too much dirt and provided too little support. 
          Florida is emptying an aquifer that is no longer capable of holding up the surface of the ground beneath the roads, stores, houses, and resorts that followed Disney into the Orlando region.  The collapse of a 60-foot wide sinkhole last night is frightening.  Had the collapse occurred in the early morning hours, the human toll might have been different. 
          I’d be quite reluctant to stay in a Florida resort now, particularly a resort building taller than one story.

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