Friday, August 30, 2013

30 August 2013 New cup! New war! Move down!

Cassi Creek:
          Today we still have no idea what the Obama administration will decide to do about the Syrian Civil War.  We’ve heard evidence that seems to confirm the use of chemical weapons against a civilian populace.  
          We’ve moved naval assets into position to launch a cruise missile strike.  But we have no decision to engage in another facet of the ongoing tribal-religious conflict that is the Middle East.  Since we have no announced goal in Syria other than some sort of punitive strike that will not serve to end conflict, it makes no sense to expend U.S. troops and ordnance in a conflict with no clear purpose and no defined exit point or strategy.
          This conflict, like the rest of the Middle East wars and the southwest Asian wars, are about which branch of Islam controls the most people.  This is essentially a fight between Iran and Saudi Arabia using every proxy they can enlist and disguising their religious was as a battle against US and Israeli presence in the Middle East.

          Syria is not worth the expense in ordnance or in the lives of our troops.  Let the Arabs and the former Persians sort it out.  It’s their tea party and they are the mad hatters in this unreality.

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