Thursday, August 15, 2013

15 August 2013 In a galaxy far, far away

Dwarf galaxy caught ramming into a large spiral
          It all tumbles and crashes around with such amazing randomness but so tightly ruled by forces and particles we are still trying to define.  Andromeda Galaxy is apparently on schedule to consume our Milky Way.  We have images of such collisions captured in various spectral ranges.  We can click into public access programs and hear the noise left over from dying stars.
There is still a large coronal hole in our sun that should blanket us with solar wind.  If that is of sufficient energy, we’ll all be affected to some degree as our satellites are blasted.  Some of us, the fortunate of location, may get to view auroral displays. 
          Mowing is done for the day.  Trimming may get done but most likely won’t.  Gloria took the AM chores this morning and let me sleep in about an hour.  Small acts of kindness mean a lot.

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