Sunday, August 25, 2013

25 August 2013 Little to convey

Cassi Creek:  This promises to be another sunny day with the inevitable  mountain thunderstorms. 
          I have been incredibly tired over the last week or two.  I can sit down on the couch and doze off nearly instantly.  I don’t know if this is related to Parkinson’s or not. 
          I can state that my tremor is more pronounced and more prevalent between 0600 and 1000 as my dopamine level gets kicked back into daytime levels.  I’m not eager to change dosages.  I’m tolerating what I take now.  Until I’m told I have to change, I’ll live with what palliative benefits I have now. 
          Linda Ronstadt just announced that her ability to sing has been destroyed by Parkinson’s.  Horrible thing to have happen.  I encounter information like that and it points to greater concern about my future. 
          I can track symptoms back as far as 1980 but there was no way to pursue Agent Orange claims through VA in those days and no one willing to hang causation of anything other than chloracne on Agent Orange.
          Another week ahead trying to get local trades people to finish the work they began and have been paid for.  I hate not being able to trust people.

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