Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13 August 2013 Shakin; not bakin’

          Cassi Creek:  We are well into the afternoon and evening thunderstorm pattern.  It rains just enough to make it too wet to mow easily and far too wet to trim.    I need to knock the grass down a bit and trim the edges way back. 
          If I trim, I’ll be unable to use my left hand and arm for the rest of the day.  The right won’t be much more effective.  Since I’m planning to fix chicken for dinner, I need to have two functional hands. 
          I’m finding that the Dopamine seems to be wearing off more quickly than it did initially.  I’m shaky when I get up.  3.5 hours later, shaky again.  The next dose is due at 1600 and the drug level is falling by then.  The evening dose runs out overnight.  I’m finding that the improvements I thought might allow me to play guitar and to use a keyboard more easily are sort of fading away.  I will see about increasing the dosage. 
          The rain has just returned.  Shift from outdoor to indoor chores.

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