Wednesday, August 21, 2013

21 August 2013 More bits no pieces

Cassi Creek:  Dental appointments drove the morning.  Got up a half-hour earlier to make the hike with Mike before going into town. 
          We rewarded ourselves with lunch out followed by light grocery shopping.   
          Gasoline was $3.49/gallon today.    I can recall gas wars that featured prices of $.15 - $.17 per gallon.  I doubt we will ever see those prices for any sort of petroleum-based fuel again.  If we should, it will follow an economic disruption eclipsing the Great Depression.
          Gloria took Loki outside yesterday afternoon and noticed an unusual behavior pattern.  Loki had located a copperhead but was not charging at it.  Gloria got my attention and I dispatched it and removed it.  It will leave with the trash truck tomorrow morning. 
          Neither of us has any real desire to kill snakes but those with venom are not well mannered and they represent too much potential harm to Loki and us.
          Loki is not a gun dog.  I took the 12 gauge with me yesterday.  Loki saw it and headed for the back yard.  Gloria brought her back and sent her up on the deck.  She was really eager to get back in the house but waited with Gloria until the noise was over.  She came to me when I called her, after clearing the weapons.  But it was a very transitory show of faith before she returned to the deck, asking to be let inside. 
          In deference to my shoulders, I used a 9 mm.  Spent the next half hour cleaning it.  Maintenance is essential. 
          When I’m asked why I possess firearms, events like yesterday seem justification.  Protecting our family is not just an excuse.  We have non-human hazards here as well.

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