Sunday, August 18, 2013

18 August 2013 Another historical trail marker

Cassi Creek:  The Oregon Trail may soon be filled with immigrants again.  The recent action to allow recreational use of marijuana by Washington and Colorado may rekindle the desire to move to greener environs. 

For those who operate without a GPS, follow the red line.

The best guidebook available is

For the best experience, the accompanying maps will help
I no longer have my copy of the guidebook.  It is available but much higher in price than my long vanished volume.
It may be possible to find these in the gift shop of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (St. Louis Gateway Arch). That is also the place to begin following the trail westward
          The shorter trip to Colorado splits off at North Platte and follows the south fork of the Platte River into Colorado.  Unless you are possessed of some strange desire to spend highway time in Kansas, avoid I-70 and follow the original trail.

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