Friday, August 2, 2013

2 August 2013 Congress does even less than nothing

Cassi Creek: Congress has done nothing to advance the condition of the American worker and former middle class.  Instead, the GOP has wasted $60 million carrying out 40 “symbolic votes” to repeal Obama Care.  It matters not that they have no plan to replace it, other than to allow the health insurance industry and the Pharmaceutical industry to continue ripping off the average insured American and the Medicare/Medicaid programs by means of fraudulently inflated billing for services and medications. 
          Still, it cannot be said that the month of July was a total waste of Congressional time and compensation.  The GOP/teavangelists have decided that it is time to return to those wonderful Dickensian days of starving citizens, debtors’ prisons, workhouses, and wages inadequate to feed a struggling worker. 
          If such planned legislation is advanced, it will be time for Americans to rise up and demonstrate to Congress and its owners that Congress can be unseated and fined for corruption and conflicts of interest.  The first residents in the revivified poor farms and workhouses should be those members of Congress who so callously plan to starve their fellow citizens.
          Let them think about that while they do no work in August.

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