Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 August 2013 Look, up In the sky

Cassi Creek:  The late morning has been filled with helicopters overhead and behind the ridges.   From the sounds they generate, they sound as if they are running close to or at red line. 
          That sort of sound pattern generally makes me think of Dust-Off flights.  There are other possibilities.  There could be some sort of concerted police action.  As the sound sources sound as if they may be circling, SAR missions may be taking place up along the Appalachian Trail. 
          From the sounds, there were at least two, perhaps three aircraft involved.  They never flew across open sky where I could see them.  They flew as if they were avoiding visual contact.  The forest on the valley walls is quite thick and tall.  It provides good cover for pilots who know how to use it.
          With no more helicopters overhead, I can assume that they have either accomplished their flight mission or moved to a more distant area. 
          The sound of helicopters will always drag me back to VietNam. 

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