Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14 August 2013 Primarily OK

          The morning was consumed by a routine follow up primary care appointment.  The numbers, derived from blood collected Monday morning, were all within normal limits or so close as to be insignificant in nature. 
          The patient usually does not know that if 20 parameters are analyzed one will be outside 3 standard deviations, thus abnormal.  In the same vein, we find the axiom, “If you don’t want to treat a fever, don’t take a temperature.” 
          Reported the changes in symptoms that I think are due to Parkinson’s.  Neuro appointment is not until November. 
          While standing in line to get travel pay, I overheard another vet proclaiming that it would have all be OK if only the Confederacy had won the war.  Then we would be one big happy nation again.  Somehow, the concept of secession from the U.S. seems to have escaped him. 
          Took the latest pair of glasses in for replacement.  They were not what I ordered, or I did not order what I thought I had. 
          Left Mountain home on good terms with every one there.  How I feel about the Nashville regional office is quite another matter

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