Friday, March 1, 2013

1 March 2013 Only essential employees are working

Cassi Creek:  It is 34 °F.  It has been spitting snow since about 0700.  The deck and steps are partially covered with pellet snow.  We have no obligations today, no appointments, and no necessary trips to town.  The morning has proceeded at its own pace. 
          I’ve moved about 100 lbs of oak firewood into the house for today/tonight.  There is another 50-75 lbs, on the deck under cover.  It can be retrieved without venturing onto slick steps. 
          The various video tapes that aired yesterday and today showing the members of the House of Representatives leaving the Capital building was and is absolutely infuriating.  The men and women we have elected to serve in our government have betrayed the nation by allowing party dogma and ideology to become more important than the well-being of the nation and its populace. 
          This Congress seems to specialize in obstructing the processes of government, abdicating responsibility, and awarding their selves with days off and vacations that they have most decidedly not earned.  There is no backbone left in the Democratic Party and no understanding that the nations does not approve of the GO”P”’s reactionary, bigoted, and hate driven policies.
          The Members of the House should be brought back to their offices and made aware that they are expected to work at least 40 hours per week if they are to be paid their salaries.  At this point in time.  I’m willing to have them arrested if they try to leave D.C. I’m certain that there are sufficient available barracks in the D.C. metro area to house and feed the Honorable Members.  There are, no doubt, military buses available to transport them from barracks to their offices.  These men and women need to understand that they are not elected so that they may be enriched by the lobbyists who currently buy their votes. 
          The voting public is going to have to overlook party affiliations and find enough common ground within itself to evict any member of Congress who is complicit in the current attempts to negate the Obama presidency and to destroy the economic recovery.  Most of those who should be removed from office by defeating them in election, by recall, or even by impeachment if cause exists, are GOP/tea party fanatics.  However there are also Democrats who are equally unworthy of their elected offices.  It is time to revamp both major parties and build new parties that may be more relevant and less fanatical than the two non-functional parties we currently allow to control or lives and the nation.


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