Saturday, March 2, 2013

2 March 2013 Lookin’ out my back door

Cassi Creek:  The crow actually isn’t present today.  However, looking out the back door, we are besieged by birds of all sizes and colors.  The temperature is hovering near the freezing point and snow showers continue to fall.  The ground and deck have a thin layer of frozen sleet that fell overnight beneath a layer of pellet snow.  Bushes and trees have a layer of snow on their branches.
          I scraped what I could from the deck and steps about 0730 followed by an application of ice-melt.  Gloria got up, dressed, and immediately took food out to the birds and squirrels.  They were eating before she got indoors.  They seem to wait for her in the morning. I tease her about becoming the central figure in some bird/squirrel legends handed down through generations of animals she has fed. 
          Shabbat shalom.

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