Thursday, March 21, 2013

21 March 2013 One year done and another begun

Cassi Creek:  22 °F at 0700.  Expected high 36 °F.  Approximately half an inch of snow fell overnight.  The decks and ground are covered but the roads appear clear.  Yes, spring is here! 
          Gloria and I picked up two 30-gallon trash bags of bottles, cans, plastic cups, fast food wrappers, along with used diapers along the road from the top to bottom property lines.   Looking at the refuse and trash, it is hard to understand why people felt the need to discard it in such a manner and in such a location.  However, the entire road out to TN107 is just about carpeted with similar trash. 
          Still, today promises to be a good day. It is one of those landmarks that one knows exist but never visualizes arriving at until smacking into it.  Well, here it is, and here I am.  So many roads!

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