Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 March 2013 Now is the winter of our discontent

Cassi Creek:  This is, indeed, a foul and bitter winter for much of the nation.   Northeast Tennessee is included in that partition.  Our snow, forecast to begin last night or early this morning picked the latter onset time.  From half an inch on cars and other ambient temperature surfaces at 0650 to the present, 0901, we now see two to three inches on those same flat surfaces. 
          The road is yet  unplowed and unsalted.  Schools are closed.  
          When I woke up this morning at 0500 the snow must have just begun.  The silence and stillness I associate with falling snow was evident  I piled back into bed but was unable to do anything beyond twttching, tossing about, and dozing fitfully.  I finally gave up at 0620.  Still, 4 hours setter than the night before.
          This winter may well go down in history as one of the more’ brutal in  recent history.  No one wants more snow this winter except for, perhaps, the ski resort owners.  Natural snow for them means more open trails, a thicker base, and reduced expenses  for making artificial snow.   If it snows too much, or in the wrong places, the owner operators have to deal with avalanche risks nod people unable to drive to their local  and/or favorite ski areas.  People farther away miss flights and buses as the ripple effect broadens. 
          This is also the time of year many people develop cabin fever,   This is not the season when one is well advised to engage in arguments or fights with other family members.  There is a long history of men and women simply “snapping” about this time of year and disposing of their spouse or partner in some grizzly manner often involving a neighborhood chili supper.  Be careful if invited to dine in. 
 Anger and resentment that has remained sealed up like a pressure cooker often blows off the lid in late winter.  Imaginative and irony filled murders abound in this season.  Some of us may be well advised to hide all sharp and blunt objects from the reach of a partner or companion who is openly approaching the detonation point. 
Now is the winter of our discontent  If for aught else it provides more interesting and amusing articles in local newspapers.

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