Sunday, March 31, 2013

31 March 2013 One burn done part 2

          No good deed goes unpunished.   No silver lining without a touch of gray.
          Friday we put flame to debris and executed a safe, controlled burn which we carefully extinguished using lots of water. 
          Yesterday morning we noticed that our water pressure was diminished.  A quick check of the filters told us that the system was in regeneration.  Reinforcing our belief that the pressure would return to normal after the regeneration cycle, it did return to normal. 
          Yesterday evening the water appeared cloudy.  This happens a few times a year and regenerating the system normally resolves the problem.  I started another cycle about 1800.  This seemed to help matters. 
          This morning the same pressure drop was evident, perhaps to a greater degree.  The system was also in regeneration. 
          We’re focusing now on the pressure switch that is intended to control the pump activity when the system pressure drops below a set point.  We’ve replace one pressure switch and a pressure tank.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll call the well company that we use.  Hopefully, replacing a pressure switch will solve the problem. 
          We had several things scheduled for tomorrow.  Water is the highest priority. 

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