Saturday, March 30, 2013

30 March 2013 burn one done

Cassi Creek:  We put flame to debris yesterday at 1200.  One or both of us spent the next four hours watching and containing the burn.  The initial hour was uneventful.  By hour two there was an up-valley breeze developing.  This is a common microclimate event that is common to all mountainous areas.  At first, it added air to the section of the pile already burning, increasing the burn rate and demanding greater attention to the up-valley side of the fire.  As that side consumed its fuel, the flames worked back into the pile and ignited the down-valley, up-wind section of the debris. 
          By 1600, most of the pile was burned or was nearly consumed.  At that point, I began to feel rain.  Rather than wait to get drenched I brought the hose into play and extinguished the remaining fuel.  It took about 15 minutes with water and a rake to cool and extinguish the remaining embers.  Burn # 1 safely completed. 
          In addition to the burn, Gloria hauled out about 150 pounds of non-combustible debris.  Our county trashcan is nearly full and will be completely filled by Thursday AM.  Both of us are feeling a bit beaten up today.  By Tuesday, I should be ready to start preparing for burn #2.
We have two large piles and one smaller pile of debris that must still be moved and burned.  Next week is the target for burn #2.  

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