Wednesday, March 27, 2013

27 March 2013 Saw the people standin' thousand years in chains.

Cassi Creek:  The song linked above is one of my favorite Credence Clearwater Revival works.  The expression of futility rings loudly from personal through societal/cultural/political actions and inactions.  Fogarty managed to capture the attitudes and divisiveness of the late 1960s – early 1970s.  The last verse expands the focus to historic references that date back to the period of the Exodus from Egypt.  It’s a fitting piece to listen to during the period of Pesach. 
It is easy to extrapolate forward to the two cases being heard this week by the SCOTUS.  There is only one acceptable ruling that I can see.  However, the bigotry and hatred aimed toward homosexuals is of so immense a concentration that I am uncertain what the Justices will decide. 

Wrote A Song For Everyone (J.C. Fogerty)

Met myself a comin' county welfare line.
I was feelin' strung out, Hung out on the line.
Saw myself a goin', down to war in June.
All I want, All I want is to write myself a tune.

Wrote A Song For Ev'ryone,
Wrote a song for truth.
Wrote A Song For Ev'ryone
And I couldn't even talk to you.

Got myself arrested, Wound me up in jail.
Richmond 'bout to blow up, Communication failed.
If you see the answer, now's the time to say.
All I want, All I want is to get you down to pray.



Saw the people standin' thousand years in chains.
Somebody said it's diff'rent now, look, it's just the same.
Pharoahs spin the message, round and round the truth.
They could have saved a million people, How can I tell you?


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