Saturday, March 9, 2013

9 March 2013 Walk into splintered sunlight

Cassi Creek:  That’s correct, sunlight and above freezing temperatures ante meridian.  One has to look to find small remnants of the last snow hidden around the roots of trees in deep shadows. 
          I’m tired of winter but never eager for spring.  There’s a song in there somewhere but I don’t see it as necessary of pursuit today. 
          I’ve been sidelined, apparently by some marauding virus in a manner that I haven’t experienced in over twenty years.  I had my influenza immunization so if this is some so that tends to eliminate community-acquired influenza from the list of possible culprits.  That, plus the symptoms, strongly suggest rhinovirus.  I seem to be recovering now so hopefully this particular pathogen will remain merely an annoying URI rather than visiting other systems. 
          Still, with the sun shining, the creek rushing down to the Nolichuckey, and birds chattering, it is a good day. 
          Took Loki on lead to the top and bottom of the property this morning.  Sunlight casting shadows on the road created a splintered image intensified by looking up at the eastern ridgeline. 
          Dinner tonight will be pasta with white clam sauce and salad.

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