Saturday, March 16, 2013

16 March 2013 Dragon with matches

Cassi Creek:         Our property here included a derelict 70-foot long singlewide mobile home that had apparently served the previous owners as a temporary home.  It was placed in a manner that precluded any way to remove it other than demolition. 
          Over the years we’ve lived here, we have been ripped off by people who we hired to remove it.  Finally, it has been reduced to a few piles of mostly burnable material and scattered planks, pipes, and misc. debris. 
          Yesterday Gloria and I began the preparations necessary to burn the remaining piles.   We cleared an area and moved about ¼ of the combustibles into it.  Now we need a dry day with no wind so that we can control the burn. 
          Today, we’re paying for the work we did yesterday.  Keep thinking Oregon!

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