Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013 Call the doctor woke him up

Cassi Creek:  Up at 0500 this morning for another drive into Mountain Home.  At that time, there were snow flurries and no accumulation.  By 0600, the decks and cars were covered with snowflakes and pellet snow.  The wind was blowing at about 20 MPH, whining in the utility lines and trees. 
          Left home at 0711 after the usual morning ritual.  Presented my body for another blood collection that turned out to be a duplication and unnecessary.   I could have slept another half hour.  Saw my primary care physician 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment time.  There were no abnormal labs, nothing abnormal on physical exam. 
          She feels that there will be no action on my Agent Orange/Parkinson’s claim until after my May neuro appointment.  The neurologist left the DX unresolved.  Since there is no indication of abnormality on MRI, and since both Gloria and I believe that the prescribed anti-Parkinson’s medication is having a positive effect, I think the DX is essentially complete. 
          A brief trip to Fresh Market followed; where I found lamb shanks to fix tomorrow.  We haven’t had lamb shanks for quite a long time.  I’ll braise them tomorrow. 
          It is cold, damp, and windy.  The higher ridges and peaks are snowy again.  Once in a while, the sun breaks through. Today’s high, at 0001, was 42 °F.  Currently, 34 °F at 1320. 
Chag Sameach!

"Doctor, is there something I can take?"


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