Thursday, March 14, 2013

14 March 2013 Politicians throwin’ stones

Cassi Creek:  Paul Ryan continues to embody the GOP’ “get sick, die quick” faction’s contract on America. 
          By reducing the number of people receiving aid from our social safety nets; while concurrently eliminating those services, he apparently intends to bring about a Malthusian solution to the GOP’s declining voter base.  It’s simple.  Ryan hopes to starve, neglect, and remove affordable health care from that portion of the population most likely to vote for Democratic candidates.  Paired with the GOP’s plans to obstruct voter registration and eliminate as many opposing votes as they can by gerrymandering and other methods of questionable legality, this could result in an unprecedented purging of voter rolls designed to benefit only the GOP.  GOP state legislatures have been working to implement such bars to voter registration for several years.  Only judicial oversight prevented some of these plans being put into play last year.  In other states, Florida and Tennessee, the plans did deprive some voters of access to the polls.
          The Ryan budget has been carefully contrived to prevent any real reduction in those things the GOP wants, defense industries spending and loopholes for the wealthy.  It is designed to place the burden squarely on the poor and the former middle class.   

Ashes, Ashes, all fall down.

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