Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 March 2013 The right of the people to bear arms

Cassi Creek:
          The predicted outcome, in the aftermath of the Newtown school murders has been as expected.   The NRA has spewed forth a torrent of misleading and blatantly untrue propaganda designed to spread fear among gun owners, and to stir up anti-government sentiment.
          There has been no attempt to seize privately owned firearms and it is unlikely that there will never be such an attempt.  There have been attempts to limit access to high rate of fire weapons, which are modeled after weapons initially, designed for military purposes.  The current proposed legislation to limit firearms purchases targets appearance in too many instances.  The aftermarket replacement of fixed stocks with folding stocks, with flash suppresors, and other largely cosmetic features allows anyone who wishes to modify the appearance of a rifle to do so. 
          What increases the lethality of rifles into the assault-weapon range is the effective rate of fire – rounds/minute – obtainable with unmodified firearms.  Bolt action, lever action, pump action and other such firearms require mechanical action before each bullet is chambered and fired.  Semi-automatics require only one round be chambered manually; then all subsequent rounds in a magazine are chambered using the energy of the previous shot. 
          Congress is not listening to the public sentiment calling for better gun control at the point of manufacture and sales.  The NRA chooses to make this battle between common sense controls and unlimited access to all types of firearms. 
          Honestly, I see little need for American citizens own assault-style weapons with battlefield capacity magazines.  I see no justification for the various “militias” that have come into being.  In almost every case, I’ve known these groups of “patriot soldiers” are dramatically opposed to the Obama administration and/or to the federal government   they tend to envision their selves as poised to overthrow a mythical tyrannical U.S. government.  They fail to understand that such a government would have already infiltrated their “citizen militias” and would be ready and able to scoop them up with units of the active duty armed forces.
          Despite all public sentiment in favor of gun control, the Congress remains unwilling to oppose the NRA’s fanaticism and political grasp.  Those legislators who favor increased gun control are afraid of the NRA’s power to fund opposing candidates in primary and general elections.  I see no probability of any change in the current situation. 
          Despite this, I intend to contact my legislators and make it known to them that I want universal background checks to become the standard for all firearms sales.
          Dinner tonight is baked cod and haricot vert.    The sun is shining. 
The Oregon Trail beckons.

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