Tuesday, March 19, 2013

19 March 2013 “If I have my way, I’ll tear these buildings down”

Cassi Creek:  this editorial cartoon truly says all I would try to say if I were more erudite.  I’ve seen many of the social safety nets put into place by previous administrations that believed we have an obligation as a nation to care for our aged and infirm citizens. 
          Sadly, since the Reagan era, a disdain for anyone but the rich and the very rich has taken the place of concern for all citizens.  The facilities that cared for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled have been emptied, creating a new level of homelessness that is truly disgraceful.  Because Reagan his owners got by with that, Subsequent GOP administrations and majorities have followed on by attacking the poor, the aged, the sick, the homeless, and every other aspect of our social safety nets while repeatedly lowering taxes and creating new loopholes for corporations and the ultra-rich.  This must be stopped.  We’ve actually created job losses so severe that Mexican immigrants find more work in Mexico than they do here.
          Sunny, in the 50’s.  Hike with Mike this morning.  Loki was thrilled.  I made it there and back again.  That’s good.

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