Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 March 2013 Skin in the game

Cassi Creek:  Sleep seems to have left the building; or at least that space which I fill.  Another in a series of broken nights caused by q change in medication. 
          I had to be up and moving by 0530 this morning.  So I woke up at 0230 and managed only about an hour’s sleep before the alarm demanded my attention. 
          The purpose for rising early was a dermatology appointment at the VA Mountain Home facility.  It was raining when I took Loki out this morning at 0630.  It rained on me all the way into town.  I was running close to the appointment time when I pulled into the feeder street for Mountain Home. 
          Smack in the road was a railroad repair crew.  The tracks were closed, the access to VA was closed, and I still had to engage in the parking lot dance.  My GPS was waiting patiently at home.  I attempted two quick and dirty efforts to cross the tracks that were thwarted, running the clock down some more.  Ten I drove about two miles north and cut through the JC Med Center’s campus to get into VA by the back door, at the opposite end of the VA campus. 
          Fortunately, I found a parking spot quickly, hoofed it into the hospital complex, and made it with 4 minutes to spare.  Then the clerk at the cheek-in desk pointed me to the other end of the hospital.  Right time and date, wrong clinic. 
          The suspect mole that initiated today’s trip was declared an atypical nevus, of little interest and no concern.  Good outcome.  But I have a somewhat speckled skin with other atypical nevi and even more typical moles.  Therefore, I have added another semi-annual exam to my VA experience. 
No film at any hour.

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