Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 February 2013 One month done and another begu

Cassi Creek:  February is behind us now.  The month leaves us, like much of the nation, windy, snowy, and tired of winter.  While I am weary of hauling in firewood and tending the wood stove, I am not that eager to see the spring weather patterns arrive. 
          The last several years seem to indicate a change in the severe storms distribution patterns. This worries me after the storms of 2011.  I’ve never cared for the spring season.  Between deadly weather and allergies, I’d just as soon skip the season. 
          Whether I choose or not, spring will be here and there are many tasks to accomplish before it arrives. 
          Today, I received a copy of the album “First Rehearsals,” by the Sycamore Slough String Band.  I’ve listened to it and suggest that any fan of acoustic music stemming from the Grateful Dead’s catalogue, should buy this album.  It is truly amazing for a first rehearsal.  It’s well played, well sung, and promises more incredible performances. 
          Things here are proceeding as we expect them to proceed.  Birds and squirrels mob the feeders.  Loki guards against squirrels, and we will have pizza and salad for dinner tonight. 
Until next month… 

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