Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 February 2013 Following the Oregon Trail

Cassi Creek:  Bad or no cell phone reception, lack of cable bandwidth, and lack of sunlight caused by steep valley walls have all come together as an indicator that we may need to follow the Oregon Trail.  Throw in the onset of Parkinson’s and the various sources of pain that we deal with daily, and it seems to us that the time to move from extreme rural to urban dwelling has arrived. 
          Six years ago, I could cut and split firewood using a hammer and wedges.  Today, even using a hydraulic splitter taxes me.  The vibration from trimmers, mowers, chain saws, etc., got to the point last year that after half an hour or so of using them I would find it difficult to use my left arm. 
          This is no place to live when the upkeep and daily chores over power the ability to perform those chores. 
          It’s time to move back into the city.  If that is evident then perhaps a greater degree of change is called for. 
          Six years ago when moved here, neither of us propose moving any further west.  Gloria did not tell me that she had always wanted to live in Eugene Oregon and I made the erroneous assumption that my drive to move west and north, always present, side tracked for a number of good reasons, would not appeal to her.  Therefore, we wound up here and have largely enjoyed the place.  But the Pacific Time zone beckons and if we are to get there without seeing the elephant, the time to migrate is upon us. 
          So the planning has begun. 
          In the interim, it is nearly Jim Bridger’s birthday!

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