Tuesday, February 26, 2013

25 February 2013 Oh, the wicked Wind and Rain - Revisited

Cassi Creek:  Woke up at 0400 this morning.  I had 2.5 hours before the alarm was set to pry me out of bed.  Unfortunately, never made it back to sleep.  This insomnia may be the worst side effect.  I may pile up on the couch and doze for a while. 
          Hit the road this morning, resuming the hike with Mike routine and route.  Going downhill wasn’t too bad.  The reverse leg was a real slog.  However, made it down and back in 30 minutes or so.  Loki was happy to be on the route again as well. 
          Tonight will feature another high wind warning.  Gusts up to 70 MPH are possible.  The south and southeast wind flow will contribute to mountain waves forming at the valley headwall and dropping in to our part of the valley.  Hopefully the upper valley step will direct it over us.  Sounds like another broken night.
`         Rain is also expected tonight.  We probably have a rough week ahead of us as weather is concerned.  We will most likely not see the snow dumps that Colorado and Kansas are dealing with. 
          “The only tune that the fiddle would play was, “Oh the Wicked Wind and Rain.”

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