Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27 February 2013 Every silver lining's got a Touch of grey

Cassi Creek:  We escaped any major wind damage and most of the precipitation that swept through the area yesterday.  When I took Loki up valley this morning there were some branches down and evidence of a broken tree just south of our property. 
        Of major concern is that neighbors and visitors are accustomed to using the roadside as a trash can.  From our driveway south, there are a large number of bottles and cans that must be picked up before they become lost in new growth. 
        From our driveway north, the problem is of more concern.  It appears that someone has thrown a plastic bag of used diapers onto the triangle of land that the bad neighbor across the street claims he bought from a previous owner.  There is no record of that small bit of land being sold to him, according to both county records and to other neighbors who previously lived in that house.  I strongly suspect that this trash originated there, as there is a small child there some of the time. 
        I can’t prove that the trash originated there.  I’ll get a shovel and trash bags to clean it up.  While I’d like to return this mess to whomever chose to dump it, I have no desire to throw it onto the wrong property.  There is also interest in not heating up what has become a highly unfriendly situation.  So while the weather remains cold, I’ll deal with this. 
        Quite the touch of gray found in the silver lining of living here.

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