Sunday, February 17, 2013

17 February 2013 Cold Rain and Snow

Cassi Creek:  Winter has ridden the wind up the valley yet again.  Wednesday the high temperature was in the 50 °F range.  Today it will be, at best, 34 °F.   Snow came with the wind.  We received about 3 inches in total.  There was a thing ice layer under much of it.  The decks and steps were scraped down twice between noon and nightfall.  So did the Pathfinder.  The winds were northerly and gusting to 25 MPH.  Roads were open but the potential for black ice was the subject of a NWS warning/winter weather statement. 
          Four loads of wood made the outdoor to indoor migration yesterday.  One load has migrated this morning.  Normally we try to use the woodstove in the evening and night hours.  Today I intend to keep it going all day.
          Loki has staked her claim to the floor space around the stove.  She’s laying there while watching for squirrels to attack the bird feeder.   She seems to have a particular set of internal rules that determine her responses to squirrels.  She seems to behave as if keeping then off the platform feeder is her contribution to the household.  At random times, we will let her out to chase them off the deck and feeder.  She has yet to catch one but I’m not willing to bet against her doing so.  She is surprisingly fast for her size and age. 
          Time to feed the stove.

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