Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 February 2013 Wheel broke down, leader won’t go

Republicans run out the clock

By E.J. Dionne Jr., Published: February 20

“The deficit that should concern us most right now has to do with time, not money. Money can be recouped. Time just disappears.
“And time is what Washington is wasting on an utterly artificial crisis, driven not by economics but by ideology, partisan interest and an obsession over a word — “sequester” — that means nothing to most Americans.
Here is the most important thing about the battle raging in the capital over $85 billion in automatic spending cuts: Republicans are losing the argument but winning the time war.
The more time we spend on pointless disputes about budget cuts no one is expected to make soon, the less we spend trying to solve the problems that confront us today — and, God forbid, thinking about the future…”
Cassi Creek:  Another manufactured economic crisis looms over the nation.  When the ordained budget cuts become effective, thousands of currently employed people will join the ranks of the unemployed.  Federal offices and national parks will be stripped of part or all of their funding until such time as this GOP/teavangelist controlled House can be made to understand that the majority of Americans do not want the U.S. economy trashed, again, by elected officials loyal to ideology rather than loyal to the nation. 
          It has been 25 years since Reagan foisted trickle down  economics on a population that should have known better but chose personal and corporate greed over progressive politics.  The GOP is still pissing on our shoes and telling us that it is raining.  Grover Norquist and his junior high school level economic pledge need to be unseated along with his shell corporations and his bought and paid for legislators. 
          To fully accentuate the lack of concern for the economy held by  the GOP, Congress chose to recess and ignore the problems we voted them into office to resolve. 
          Call your Congress persons and Senators to let them know that the populace wants them back at their desks, chained to them if possible; until such time as they understand that they may not sell out the nation to ideologues and lobbyists.  Feed them MRE’s and give them adult diapers.  They, collectively, don’t deserve better.

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