Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 February 2013 Don’t be hanging round no catfish, John

Cassi Creek:  I do not care for catfish.  In my experience, most catfish has a flavor characterized by muddy, warm water.  I know that catfish from today’s fish farms is supposedly free of such taste, and can even be flavored before harvesting.  However, the pattern is set and catfish is not something I enjoy. 
          I do enjoy cold-water fish from fresh or ocean waters.  I even enjoy some warm water ocean fish like grouper, and others that have a solid texture.  As with many fly fishers, I don’t want to eat anything that lives in muddy water.  I’d rather not even fish muddy water. 
          I’ve fished farm ponds and impoundments.  I’ve fished impoundment outlets and Ozark gravel rivers.  But once the water gets to cloudy to see my feet, I’m ready to pack up and look for clearer water.

          Getting cold-water fish was not a problem last night.  Gloria and I went out to eat in Johnson City.  She had a gift card from Red Lobster so we chose to eat there.   Yesterday was her birthday.  We combined that celebration with today’s and had a very pleasant meal.  The weather held, making the trip in and back much easier than had the forecast snow arrived.  The service was efficient and friendly, unlike our last visit there.  Other than several crying children, we had no problems with our meal. 
          Today, the sun is shining and I’m a bit better rested.  Last night was a fifty mile round trip for dinner.  There are three establishments within q 20 mile round trip that have weekly all-you-can-eat fish specials.  We avoid those because the fish advertised is always catfish, breaded and fried.  For most of the local population, that is the only fish they want to eat.  Old cultures change slowly. 

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  1. I agree. To me, catfish tastes like the mud it thrives in.