Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9 October 2013 Domestic violence for fun and profit

Cassi Creek:
          The United States is now being held hostage by the supposedly grass-roots tea party thugs.  They fully intend to default on the nation’s financial obligations.  That this will cause worldwide economic damage does not concern these idiots.  To be somewhat more accurate, it does not concern the Koch brothers and their analogs who have sufficient billions to ride out another Great Depression while the United States declines from a democratic republic into an oligarchic theocracy. 
          The resultant economic failure will destroy our social safety nets, demolish our public schools, and strip health care from all but the richest.
          The probability of economic destruction is now so great that the Wall Street bankers and investors are calling for Congress to end the shutdown and return government to normal status.  These financiers can’t believe that 80 or so teabaggers will voluntarily and knowingly cause default on the U.S.’ obligations.  Rational people, no matter how greed driven they may be, can foresee the harm that default will engender worldwide.  There in is the problem.  The Teabaggers and their base are not rational beings.  They have been brainwashed by the GOP/teavangelist propaganda machine.  They now believe that they will save the nation by destroying it.  To this end, they have essentially declared war upon the nation, the former middle class, the former working class, and everyone not parroting the tea bagger mantras. 

          They now threaten the disability compensation and the pensions of over 4 million veterans and dependents.  This is banana republic behavior that should result in the immediate call for impeachment of the legislators involved in forcing the shutdown.  

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