Wednesday, October 16, 2013

16 October 2013 Please don’t dominate the rap, Jack; if you got nothing new to say

Cassi Creek:  Ahead, incessant obfuscation, ideological blathering, and a deliberate attempt to destroy the American economy.  That attempt is partly due to bigotry and malice on the part of the teavangelists.  The attempt is also due to an utter lack of knowledge about how the national and global economies operate. 
          By tonight, this blunder of morons may well have brought about the next great depression.  I’m willing to have them arrested and transferred to any country that will provide suitable punishment.
          The Congress has only a few hours remaining to resolve this looming disaster.  It is time for the Speaker of the House to remember that he works for all Americans, not just those who fund his re-election.

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