Thursday, October 17, 2013

17 October 2013 Hurricane Cruz

Cassi Creek:  We’ve managed to resolve and temporarily delay another manufactured financial crisis brought about by the Koch brothers’ minions wearing teavangelist disguises.  The current best estimate of cost to the American taxpayers is $124 billion.  While this may be diminutive in terms of the overall cost of running the U.S. government, it is money that would better have been applied elsewhere. 
          Once again, the reactionary right, claiming to be saving the Constitution, has managed to make a shambles of the legislative process as defined by the Constitution.  Their particular blend of pseudo-patriotism, bigotry, anti-intellectualism, and a lack of how a democratic republic is actually supposed to work, has resulted in weakening the U.S. economy.  Further, the resolution that was crafted has only an additional three months grace period before the entire mess will begin again. 

It left me coldly angry yesterday to hear the junior Senator from Texas, Cruz, claim that millions of Americans were suffering because of the onset of the ACA.  No news program that shoved a microphone into his face bothered to challenge his numbers or his claim.  While the ACA rollout is not beginning smoothly, it is in effect and it is providing better access to medical care for many previously uninsured. 
Is the ACA perfect?  Far from it.  Does it favor any industry?  The health insurance industry will be raking in a windfall profit.  We still need a single payer national health insurance. 

We’re required to report self-inflicted injuries to mental health agencies. 

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