Sunday, October 13, 2013

13 October 2013 Teavangelists and flat earthers sailing over the edge

Cassi Creek:
           Rand Paul, teavangelist senator from Kentucky, claims that President Obama is using the debt ceiling to scare Americans.  While I’m certain that there is an element of fear for the future included in Obama’s desire to have the debt ceiling crisis resolved before we default on our obligations; any rational person I’ve ever encountered realizes we have just cause to be not just “scared” but “scared shitless.”
            “Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, said Saturday the consequences of a failure to raise the debt limit would be dire for economies around the world. She spoke to CNN's Richard Quest at an Institute of International Finance conference in Washington.
"You know, I've just spent the last two days with representatives of about 188 countries around the world. I wouldn't say they are confident. I would say they are concerned, and they are very anxious to see this crisis resolved, because they know it's going to impact on their economy," Lagarde said.”

          Despite the imminent default, the Senate will not meet until later today and the House is in recess until tomorrow evening because tomorrow is a federal holiday. 
          The house, the initial origin of this financial nightmare, does not deserve a holiday.  Millions of Americans are unable to celebrate that holiday or to look forward to the winter holidays because the teavangelists in both houses of Congress are masquerading as intelligent human beings while steering the nation ever closer to the edge of world economic collapse. 

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Washington (CNN) – A military coalition including 33 of the nation’s leading veterans and uniformed services organizations on Tuesday will stage a major event in Washington to push for an end to the government shutdown.
Activists for veterans and the nation’s service members have warned the shutdown – especially as it approaches the end of its second week – has had a devastating impact on them and their families, and now they are stepping up their campaign to put political pressure to re-open the government.

The event will be held Tuesday morning at the National World War II Memorial, several sources familiar with it confirmed to CNN. Some of the major groups that will be represented include: The American Legion, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Air Force Sergeants Association, National Military Family Association and Jewish War Veterans.
Officials from these groups say there is a lot of frustration and uncertainty as the shutdown continues, such as among veterans who receive disability and GI Bill benefits and survivors who rely on survivor benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs has said it would not be able to pay benefits if the government stayed closed through the end of month.
One of the approximately 3 million wounded veterans who are facing dire circumstances is Ryan Lamke. He told CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr he had this message for the politicians about what he and his fellow veterans will face if their checks don’t arrive.

If I could afford the trip, I’d be there.

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