Thursday, October 24, 2013

24 October 2013 Try just a little bit harder

Cassi Creek:  Temperature fell to 35°F last night and is forecast to fall to 31°F tonight.  We fired up the wood stove last night and by midnight; nearly the entire house was shirtsleeve comfortable.  Wood for tonight is inside with some thicker pieces to put into the stove when we have a good bed of coals. 
          There was still a workable bed of coals at 0430 had I wanted to spend 15 minutes or so playing with the stove.   By 0800 there were still a few pencil eraser specks of orange to be found but I cleaned them out with the ashes and took them outside in ash bucket.
          Made a trip into the ER at Mt Home today.  I developed a friction related infection in my right earlobe.  I’ve had several smaller lesions that I thought stemmed from ingrown hairs.  Apparently, this larger and more annoying one may be the parent lesion.  Or, it may be the development of a mob of lesions to come.  When it became too annoying, I decided to unroof it and express it.  Bad angle to work at so Gloria took over for me.  She got only sero-sanguineous return.  I finally gave up and decided that an ER trip was justified.  After all, that’s a very undesirable area for infections. 
          At Mt. Home, the check-in was very efficient.  I was logged in, labeled, and into triage in less than 5 minutes.  It took about 45 minutes to move me into a treatment room.  The physician on duty looked at my ear and asked what, if anything, I had done by way of treatment.  I told him the whole story about the massacre and he proceeded to do the same thing I had done.  Unroof and express.  He was a bit more aggressive in the expression portion of the dance.  But he was able to locate and remove purulent material.  Sent me home with care instructions and said no antibiotics were indicated. Return if necessary. 
          I left home at 1130 this morning and was home at 1500.  Overall, this was a very satisfying ER trip. 

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