Tuesday, October 1, 2013

30 September 2013 If you get confused listen to the music play

Cassi Creek:  the music won’t clear up the problems we collectively face today.  It might, however, make your day a bit more pleasant.  There is an unquestionable arrogance about the GOP/teavangelists intention to shut down the government.  There is also an incredible lack of intellectual capacity on the part of the GOP/teavangelist leaders.  The idea that forcing the government to shut down and to possibly default on its financial obligations is so alien to anyone who can read at above 3rd grade level as to single them out as entirely unqualified to hold public office at any level of government. However, we have allowed a very effective propaganda program to spew hatred and misinformation directed toward collapsing the republic we now have and replacing it with an oligarchy.  This is not the nation I was born into, grew up in, or wish to live in.  This is terrible failure caused by billionaires and corporations subverting the Constitution by corrupting elected officials and by mobilizing the anti-intellectual components of American culture. 
          Returning to the music.  Saturday night, Gloria’s cousin, SONiA of Disappear Fear was in town, playing at The Down Home.  Her last performances here have been either solo or with her sister.  She performed with a new band Saturday.  She’s backed up by a bass player, a guitar player, a drummer, and a vocalist.  They’ve only been playing together for a couple of weeks.  Watching them take the stage and perform was a real pleasure.  They mesh well, they’re discovering new strengths and abilities and it is happening live on stage for all to see.  That means there were a few mis-starts, dropped notes, and all the other flaws that show up in live performances.  
          They gave the audience everything they had to give, and they did it in a manner that promises further growth as a band.  SONiA has a new album, “Broken Film” that was released the 17th of this month.  It provided the bulk of the material they played Saturday.  It was a departure from the sets I’ve seen her play before.  It can be fun to watch fully developed musicians and singer-songwriters add new material to their repertoire.  Saturday night was one of those nights.  We left the venue wanting more.  Thanks for a great evening, SONiA!
I highly recommend you find her music and see if it takes you where music should.

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