Saturday, October 12, 2013

12 October 2013 Not in Tennessee

Not something that would or could be published in N.E. Tennessee.
While Tennesseans are aware that sex happens, the local community generally wants to keep it as something condemned by “the bible”, never mentioned in schools, and the source of many questions about consanguinity.
Dick Cavett closes his column with a quotation appropriate for some of the nation but somewhat exclusive for the Tennessee I inhabit. 
       “As further assertion of the place of humor being everywhere, let us close with the wise, wise advice about life given by the great George S. Kaufman to his young daughter Ann.
“Sample everything in life. Except incest and folk-dancing.”

Cassi Creek:  While the government shutdown continues and the debt ceiling crisis looms closer, the public’s concerns and the nation’s needs are ignored by politicians who chose to advance the demands of political parties splintered into uselessness and paid off by corporations, lobbyists, and plutocrats. 
          We are, of course, deeply concerned about the continuity of VA compensation.  The closer we get to national default, the more likely that people living on social security, VA disability compensation, and other fixed income resources will become pawns to be discarded by both major parties as the GOP pushes every harder toward economic suicide.  We can’t imagine the degree of disdain for the American people that such plans display.  Nor can we understand the depth of hatred that has driven the anti-Obama forces since 2008.
          The GOP’s practice since the Clinton election of 1992 has been to attempt to overturn the results of any election that they lose by obstruction, by trying to discredit entire administrations, and attempting to impeach anyone they can.  The practice is destroying the democratic nature of our nature and the orderly turnover of power from one administration to the next that has marked our nation as a model for other egalitarian societies.  Now we are becoming more like the oligarchies and plutocracies that brought the 18th and 19th centuries to sweatshops and wage slave conditions,
          Closer to home we are sweating out the next couple of days as our water pressure fluctuates and decreases.  We suspect that we have a pressure valve/switch/gauge filled with mud.  That will need to be changed.  Change involves getting the well company out to dive under the house and make the needed repairs.  The job shouldn’t cost too much.  However, with no assurance that my VA disability money will arrive, the small job becomes more of a concern.  Thanks teavangelists.

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