Saturday, October 26, 2013

26 October 2013 There and there and back again

Cassi Creek: The anemometer fix seems to be working.  I’d like to get another year out of it. 
          Woke up yesterday with my right earlobe more swollen than Thursday.  Between Gloria and me, we managed to unroof the site a bit more and expressed some purulent material.  Studied opinion was that it was not going to heal by magical wishing.  Back into VA, leaving here at 1230 and having been triaged, treated, cultured, and prescribed before arriving home at 1600.  Subtract an hour’s travel time and that’s remarkably good turn-around for a facility the size of Mt. Home.  Of course, there were no truly emergent patients ahead of me and there was no lag time for diagnostic imagery or labs. 
          Started antibiotics last night and there is apparent improvement today.

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