Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8 October 2013 They’re only cannon fodder

Cassi Creek:  In today’s news, I found a notice that the DAV is moving their offices from current locations along side VA facilities to fallback locations.  Since the VA laid off an additional 7000 employees yesterday, there is a dearth of open office space where DAV can operate as they previously have. 
          This latest round of VA layoffs means that no one will be answering phones when veterans call for help or to follow up on a claim for benefits.  The tremendous pile of backlogged disability claims will continue to grow larger and the processing will fall farther behind. 
          This is taking place at a time when veteran’s needs are greater than ever.  The shutdown services include GI housing loans, GI bill education services, disability determinations, and a host of other services that suddenly become unavailable. 
          The Vietnam War was a turning point in treating injured troops.  With the ability to evacuate the wounded via Dust-Off flights, and with improvements in trauma surgery, many troops who would have died in previous wars lived to become veterans.  VietNam also led to Agent Orange related diseases that could surface a decade or more after exposure. 
          The Gulf War also led to injuries due to chemical agents and petroleum fires, in onset, more like WWI than VietNam but just as real and just as debilitating. 
          Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate further progress in our ability to stabilize and save troops with such extreme injuries that they would died in any previous war.  However, the number of people with such injuries is still increasing and the follow up care and compensation these wounded deserve is going to require long-term health care and life-long therapy.
          Enter the teavangelists, all willing to send other people’s children off to war but unwilling to pay for their injuries.  This group of brainwashed minions belonging to their corporate sponsors is quite willing to shut down our government, destroy our economy, and create still more injured veterans that they will then refuse to care for. 

          Thank you very much teabaggers.  We will remember which blunder of morons is responsible for closing Veterans’ Affairs offices.  

DAV Service Offices Relocating Immediately Due to Shutdown

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